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Logitech Joystick for Apple iPad 3rd-Gen / iPad 2 / Original iPad

More control, under your thumb

Unlike tricky on-screen controls you can’t find or feel in the heat of battle, this joystick lets you focus on the game without worrying about whether your thumb is over the correct area of the screen. Your thumb is always in the right place, so you have the precision control you need to rack up more wins on your iPad.

Thumbstick-style control

  • Gives you maximum control for precision maneuvers on your iPad
  • Use with just about any game with an onscreen joystick or d-pad
  • Transparent so you never miss what’s on the screen

Easy to attach and remove

  • Two suction cups position the joystick over the onscreen directional controls—right where you need it for easy thumb control
  • Secure grip keeps the controller in place and is easy to remove after game play

Fuller sound

  • The coiled spring provides force feedback that automatically returns the joystick to the center position
  • Helps make your actions smoother and more accurate

Ready to go

Take your joystick on the road and keep it protected with the included carrying pouch.


  • Precision thumbstick-style gaming control and feel for iPad
  • Dual suction cups for simple, quick, and easy attachment
  • Auto-centering for maximum game control
  • Convenient carrying pouch included for on-the-go gaming
  • Works with almost any game with an on-screen joystick or d-pad
SKU LOG-08018
UPC / EAN # 00097855080189
Manufacturer Logitech
Mfg Model # 943-000033
Weight (lbs) 0.1000
Model Compatibility Apple iPad 3rd-Gen / “The New iPad”
Apple iPad 2
Apple iPad (1st-Gen)
Product Type Miscellaneous / Other
Condition New
MSRP $19.99
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